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Creative Office

Mass Timber

Adaptive Reuse

L angolo estate 01 bittermann 800 0x0x1596x1063 q85

L'Angolo Estate Winery

New tasting room that is a resonant expression of Oregon’s wine country landscape

02 low res 800 0x0x1197x792 q85


Student housing for the Pacific Northwest College of Art

Albinayard 06 bittermann 800 31x0x1468x980 q85

Albina Yard

First US building made from domestically-produced Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)

 mg 5172 final 2 low res 800 0x0x5584x3696 q85

Creative Studio and Campus

A former aerospace factory is transformed into a light-filled creative hub

Grand copy 800 0x0x3057x2021 q85

Block 45

The largest new affordable housing development in Portland

Treehouse 14 swimmer 800 0x627x997x665 q85


Housing on the campus of Oregon Health & Science University

Flex 02 800 125x94x1294x865 q85


Flexible mass timber commercial space

Screen shot 2017 11 27 at 4.58.22 pm 800 32x0x1440x960 q85 bfff


First wood high-rise design to receive approval for construction in the US

Ampas 19 bittermann 800 341x101x1259x840 q85

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Bringing light, connectivity, and public interface to an organization devoted to excellence in film

East corner rendering 800 438x83x946x636 q85

Redfox Commons

Industrial agriculture facility is given a new life

Footwear innovation lab 07 bittermann 800 160x105x1440x962 q85

Footwear Innovation Center

New global innovation and design center for a sports apparel company

Fivesquare 13 courtesylever 800 115x153x1353x897 q85

Fivesquare Residence

Transformation of a ubiquitous residential building type into something unexpected and new

Johnyeon 02 bittermann 800 0x0x1600x1067 q85

Quest for Beauty

Exhibition design for the Portland Art Museum

Massplywoodpavilion06 bittermann 800 0x0x1600x1067 q85

Mass Plywood Pavilion

Seasonal event pavilion made from next generation plywood

Unionway07 bittermann 800 24x63x1544x1033 q85

Union Way

Local materials, contemporary craft, and urban connectivity create a retail project that is a civic gesture

Lever tillamook 0778 f 800 111x112x1381x924 q85


Reimagining the workplace of an iconic Northwest brand

Pul 0071 800 0x63x1600x1067 q85

Princeton University Art Museum

Strategic interventions that improve student and visitor engagement with the collections

Animationstudio 09 steveking 800 0x740x1067x712 q85

Animation Building Renovation

Renewing a historic animation studio in ways that build collective identity and community

Ua b 800 230x227x1092x729 q85

Global Apparel Headquarters

Headquarters renovation that builds on the character of a historic building and fosters connection

Hivemodern 08bittermann 800 362x772x540x359 q85

Hive Modern

A simple intervention creates a strong sense of identity for a retailer devoted to modern design and craft