“Design can be environmentally conscious—and look good.”

Los Angeles Times’ columnist Carolina Miranda included 843 N Spring Street in an article that explores “how designers are preparing for climate change.” The piece includes a series of case studies across Los Angeles, and specifically highlights the Spring Street project for its innovative and sustainable mass timber structure.

843 N Spring Street is the largest Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) office building in Los Angeles and is an important demonstration project intended to encourage wider adoption of sustainable timber construction in LA and beyond.

In the article, LEVER Principal Thomas Robinson underscores the importance of climate smart forestry practices in achieving the sustainable promise of mass timber construction:

"Certainly, just because it’s wood doesn’t make it environmental. Clear-cutting, for example, is devastating to local ecologies. “Part of our job is to ask the right questions,” Robinson says. “You’re really trying to identify forests that are managed in a way that really thinks about sustainable forest practices for the long term."

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