"How to Succeed with Mass Timber" is organized by the AIA Los Angeles and will take place on May 16, from 8:30—10 am, at Johnson Fain in Los Angeles, California. This seminar focuses on the future development of mass timber typologies in the Los Angeles area, emphasizing recent advancements in products, technology, and building codes that promote mass timber as a sustainable building material. The event will feature discussions on the intrinsic appeal of wood, the challenges and opportunities presented by current building codes, and insights from professionals across the architecture, engineering, and construction industries​.

The event will be moderated by James (JED) Donaldson from Johnson Fain and James Black from House & Robertson Architects, both of whom bring extensive experience in sustainable design and technical execution of complex architectural projects. The panel includes Dan Dumke from Shawmut Design and Construction, who has over 40 years of experience in preconstruction and design-build processes; Nina Mahjoub from Holmes, who is at the forefront of mass timber applications in Southern California; Haley Coughlin from LEVER, who contributes to low carbon initiatives and mass timber construction developments in Los Angeles; and Parisa Nassiri from Holmes, specializing in fire engineering for mass timber structures​.

For more information about the discussion, visit AIA Los Angeles.