The Timber Roundtables comprise a series of panel discussions hosted by the University of Oregon’s School of Architecture & Environment and LEVER, in collaboration with the Portland State School of Architecture. Held at the University of Oregon Portland Architecture School in the White Stag Building, these events focus on sustainable forestry practices and timber sourcing, with the option to attend in person or via Zoom. Panel discussions are hosted by Laila Seewang from PSU and Timothy Cooke from LEVER and UO. 

The first session, titled “Forest for the Trees,” takes place on April 18 at 11 am Pacific Time. This event provides an overview of forestry practices in the Pacific Northwest and features guest speakers Steve Rigdon from the Yakama Nation, Paul Vanderford from SNW, Seth Zuckerman from NRRG, and Jason Dorn from Port Blakely. The session is located at 70 NW Couch Street in the WSB Main Event Space, with Zoom registration available.

On May 9 at 11 am Pacific Time, the second session, “Forest to Frame,” focuses on intentional timber sourcing. Guest speakers Jacob Dunn (ZGF), Aaron Everett (CSWG), Josh Cabot (Sera), and Scott Mooney (Bora) will share their insights. This session is also held at 70 NW Couch Street in the WSB Main Event Space, with an option to attend via Zoom.

The third session, “Measuring Carbon Flows in Forests,” will take place on May 16 at 11 am Pacific Time. This discussion goes beyond carbon neutrality to explore carbon flows in forests. The panel includes guest speakers David Diaz (Vibrant Planet), Stephanie Carlisle (Carbon Leadership Forum), and Mark Harmon (OSU). It is heldat 70 NW Couch Street in the WSB, Room 451, with Zoom registration available.

From June 10 to 14, there will be an exhibition of student work, with the exhibit opening on June 10 from 4—6 pm at the Waechter Mississippi Workshop, located at 4224 N Mississippi Ave. For more information, visit University of Oregon, College of Design School of Architecture and Environment.