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Metropolis spotlights Meyer Memorial Trust

Meyer Memorial Trust has been featured in Metropolis! 

Meyer's 19,800 sf headquarters is set back from the street to encourage civic interaction with a generous outdoor plaza. Metal cladding and a quartet of peaked-roof forms (which provide ideal angles for the attached photovoltaic panels) give the building’s exterior a hint of both the industrial district and residential neighborhood nearby. A relatively long, thin building footprint allows the building’s spaces to fill with daylight.

The headquarters is designed to use 66 percent less energy than a typical new building, the capacity to achieve net-zero, and consumes 35 percent less water. And while the design is sustainable enough to earn a LEED v4 Platinum rating, equally important to the trust was what one might call social sustainability: the project involved a diverse array of collaborators, and builds a place for the community as much as the staff.