NHERI TallWood Project prepares for a full-scale shake table test of a 10-story mass timber structure

In 2017, LEVER joined a host of university and industry collaborators from across the U.S. on the design of a series of wood structure archetypes for the NHERI TallWood Project, a National Science Foundation-funded research project studying the seismic resiliency of wood structures. Nearly four years after the completion of the initial shake table test of our 2-story archetype, NHERI is making preparations for a full-scale shake test of the 10-story structure. 

LEVER and our collaborators completed design for this significantly taller archetype this year, and it is currently under construction on site at the University of California, San Diego in the expert hands of NHERI’s selected contractor, Swinerton. NHERI has released a short video of the 10-story shake table model, and our team eagerly awaits the opportunity to conduct the full-scale testing on the built archetype in 2022.

Visit the NHERI TallWood Project’s website to view the new video and access a wealth of open-source information and research, including fact sheets, Revit models, K-12 educational resources, and footage from our 2-story shake test completed in 2017.