NOMA PDX's Call-to-Action is a commitment by architecture and engineering firms to enhance diversity within the industry, focusing on supporting, recruiting, retaining, and promoting BIPOC individuals. This initiative underscores the importance of internal reflection, critical conversations, and systemic changes to foster a more inclusive profession.

LEVER has proudly committed to NOMA PDX's pledge underscoring our dedication to fostering a more equitable and diverse work environment through a holistic approach. The Call-to-Action encompasses prerequisites for recognizing the need for systemic change, foundation commitments that support the recruitment, retention, and advancement of BIPOC professionals through initiatives like EDI training and cultural competency workshops, and ongoing commitments to continuous improvement and accountability. LEVER's actions, such as incorporating building materials and furnishings made by BIPOC-owned businesses, fostering internship partnerships, and advocating for community participation in design, reflect an enduring effort to enact meaningful change within the architecture industry.