LEVER, in collaboration with Studio O+A as the interior design team, created the award-winning Adidas North American headquarters, recognized as Interior Design Magazine's 2023 Best of Year Winner for Environmental Impact, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.

The LEED Gold project involved adding two mass timber structures and redesigning a sports plaza, fostering internal connectivity and altering landscape connections. Inspired by small stadiums, the architecture blends creative work, community, and sport. LEVER utilized precast concrete, glulam beams, and CLT panels for warm, spacious interiors. One of the largest mass timber initiatives in the U.S., the 182,000 sf Gold Building is a creative office space embodying biophilic design principles.

Studio O+A used wood from trees felled during construction for the dining tables and incorporated recycled-content yarn into art installations. The environmental graphics, including chevron stripes on a staircase derived from sneaker sole patterns, underscore O+A's holistic approach to the project's eco-conscious design.