The CSI Portland Chapter will tour LEVER's The Louisa Flowers Affordable Housing project on March 12, 2024, located at 515 Northeast Holladay Street from 5:30— 7:30 pm. Post-tour, attendees will gather at Metropolitan Tavern for a panel discussion featuring insights from the design team. Kimberly Moreland with Oregon Black Pioneers will provide background, personal history of Louisa Flowers, and her contributions to the city of Portland. Julie Livingston with Home Forward will share about the selection process to name the project after Louisa Flowers.

Next, a panel with members of the design team including Calista Fitzgerald, LRS Architects and Doug Sheets, LEVER; masonry subcontractor, Nathan Storey, B+B Masonry; and masonry product representative, John Gallup, Laticrete International will share key design elements of the project. At 12 stories, or 130’ feet high, the Louisa Flowers apartments are the tallest project on the North American west coast to have a complete skin of adhered veneer masonry. Discussion and QA session will center on the building's design and construction techniques surrounding the thin brick application on the façade and other unique design elements that went into this affordable housing project.