Williams & Russell CDC announced a series of construction projects, marking significant advancements in the Williams & Russell Project. This effort is aimed at revitalizing the historically significant Albina neighborhood in North Portland. Positioned on a 1.7-acre site previously owned by Legacy Health, this project is a critical step towards addressing the impacts of historical urban renewal efforts by introducing affordable housing, commercial opportunities, and communal spaces designed for families impacted by these policies.

LEVER, alongside Adre, Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives Inc (PCRI), Housing Development Center, Hood Design Studio, and Colas Construction, is deeply involved in this initiative. Supported by Oregon Housing & Community Services and Prosper Portland, the project, with an estimated value of approximately $115M, includes three main components: affordable rental apartments, affordable homeownership options, and the Black Business Hub.

PCRI is set to develop a six-story building with around 85 units aimed at family living, featuring amenities that foster community engagement. In parallel, the affordable homeownership component, led by Adre in partnership with the Portland Housing Center, will provide 20 homes to low- and moderate-income families, incorporating community feedback for outdoor spaces and tackling significant homeownership barriers. Additionally, the Black Business Hub, envisioned by Adre, is poised to be a pivotal space for economic growth and support for the local Black business community.

The project's foundation is built on sustainability and social equity objectives, striving for environmental certification, energy efficiency, and meaningful participation from Minority Women and Emerging Small Businesses (MWESB), Women-owned, and BIOPC-owned businesses in design and construction. With construction set to begin in May 2025 and completion anticipated in September 2027, the Williams & Russell Project reflects a shared commitment to creating a sustainable and equitable future for the Albina neighborhood.

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