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Oregon Black Pioneers honors the history and legacy of Louisa Flowers

Last week, Friendly House hosted a virtual event surrounding Portland housing issues and the Louisa Flowers Affordable Housing project, with a presentation by Kimberly Moreland from Oregon Black Pioneers. Kimberly shared the rich history of the project site, the backstory of Louisa Flowers, and how the building came to be named after her. She said, "the Flowers family overcame many obstacles. They purchased land on Portland's east side in 1901 during a time when exclusion laws were in place, and became respected community leaders. Louisa Flowers and her family left an amazing legacy here in Portland."

Developed by Home Forward, The Louisa Flowers is Portland's largest affordable housing project built in the last 50 years. The building not only honors Louisa Flowers, but also acknowledges the history and displacement of Portland’s Black community, and demonstrates a commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive neighborhood.

Oregon Black Pioneers is Oregon’s only historical society dedicated to preserving the experiences and illuminating the seldom-told history of African Americans in Oregon. Their organization honors their sacrifices by remembering their stories, and by sharing them with the public. To learn more about Oregon Black Pioneers, visit their website:

Image courtesy of Oregon Historical Society Research Library