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LEVER selected as finalist in design competition for Anthony Timberlands Center

The future Anthony Timberlands Center for Design and Materials Innovation at the University of Arkansas is envisioned as a new applied research facility which will strengthen wood innovation initiatives at the Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design. LEVER was selected to create a concept design for the project as part of an international design competition that included Dorte Mandrup, Grafton Architects, Kennedy and Violich Architecture, Shigeru Ban, and WT/GO Architecture. 

LEVER's proposal for the Anthony Timberlands Center is more than a building; it’s an argument for rethinking design as a larger ecosystem of environmental and regional economic choices. The building is organized around a central fabrication hall and entry gallery, which encourages exchange between the schools, supporting a culture of collaboration in the District. The design utilizes an economy of materials for maximum impact and leverages the present to shape the future.

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