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Five Square

Project info >

The owners purchased the classic “4 square” house in order to move into a close in neighborhood.
The house had a great infrastructure but had not been updated in many years, so they knew it
would require significant remodeling. During the early design stage they realized they wanted more
space to serve primarily as an office. After considering many options, including renovating the
basement and extending into the backyard, it was decided to add a space above the second story to
take advantage of views to the west hills. By twisting the volume slightly off center we captured the
preferred view to the west and were able to provide large windows on all four sides of the space.
On the ground floor, walls were removed and structure was added to create a large living/dining/
kitchen space. Along with updating all interior finishes and building systems, a master bathroom
was added to the second floor.

Team Members: Thomas Robinson, Scott Miller
Project Size: 2,500 sf
Location: Portland, OR
Building Type: Residence
Completion Date: 2014